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Alvon T'Grade is the third son of Maveric T'Grade and Marie Kontance. He grew up on the sovereign planet (moon) of Texas and lead his childhood out with relative ease. By the age of 20 he joined the Texan liberation army, where he came to the rank of officer before defecting after the Boston slaughter, where many Texan lives were lost of a skirmish with the stewards.

After his defection T'Grade joined forces with a small makeshift crew from Absalom Station. This crew started making trade missions for abadarcorp and had good dealings for a few years, during which he had several children with a range of women, until they were abandoned in the diaspora, after their ship were damaged. T'grade survived, now at an age of 40 he swore revenge to his former employers, but had no way of getting away from the debis. He floated here for 10 days, starved and only because of this spacesuit did he retain water, but here a sarcesian picked him up. The sarcesian took him home to his peoples hovel and kept T'Grade as an unwilling guest for 2 years. In these years T'Grade learned to let go of the more physical things in life, as he did with his resentment. He learned the celestial language of the sarcesians and when he could finally utter proppler manners to ask for leave they did let him. He was granted a precious stone from the diaspora and teleported unto the nearest vessle

T'Grade landed on one of the frequent free captain vessles and managed to convince the pirates that he was a grand diplomate from weydan. He sailed with them for a new years, learning their ways and gained som respect before he disembarked to a port on Akiton. Here he used his saved ressources to but a medium class traders ship by the name of 'the basilisk's eye'. He donated the rest of his savings to charity, got a crew of thankful and idealistic orphans. This crew then fittet the eye to work as a smugglers ship and went on a rampage of smuggeling (both goods and people), from around the system.

T'grade looked forward to retiring after one last mission to Apostae, where his first captain Gaot, left him in the hands of the Hell knights that busted their operation. T'Grade did not know they were smuggeling weapons to a group of cultists, he thought it was relief supplies to a small settlement needing help.

After capture T'Grade found himself in a strange situation working togehter with a makeshift group of fellow prisoners in a penal legion, working from the flag ship of the Hell knight fleet; The Typhon

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