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Ausk was a young half-orc that had sought away from the abuse of his native orc near the southern borders of The Hold of Belkzen. Whilst roaming the countryside, Ausk passed the border into the northern parts of Ustalav where he joined a band of highwaymen who took him in as one of their own.

In their company Ausk learned martial ways and quickly proved himself an asset. After some time with the highwaymen, a raid against a Iomedaean temple was decided upon. This lead Ausk to take up arms against his own brethren, as he saw their true nature, having sated their bloodlust with innocent lives in the temple. It was at this point Ausk had taken up the ancient and magical sword that would accompany him and his friends through their adventures.

The actions performed by Ausk in the old temple had been witnessed by an old Grand Master of the Iomedean faith, who promptly took Ausk in and nurtured the good that nestled in Ausk's heart.

After some years of training, and becoming a paladin of Iomedae, Ausk was sent on a mission to the village of Keridor, where he would meet the other adventurers that were to be the Starbound.


Following the adventures of the Starbound, Ausk found himself questioning what good and evil really meant. Initially believing that is was black and white, he learned to see the nuances of life.

Additionally, after several years of travel, the lady Iomedae revealed to Ausk that he was, in fact, not one of her servants or chosen. Sending a herald to speak for her and to aid the Starbound in the battle against a daemon, it became clear that Ausk was not a paladin of Iomedae, but of justice itself.

The ancient sword that Ausk had grasped in the temple years ago, also showed itself to be of many fractals. Good and evil both, it tore at Ausk.

At one point, whilst fighting The Enemy, Ausk found himself in a dark vacuum, where he saw his chance to reach out and save a soul that by happenstance came close. This was later to prove both a curse and a blessing, as Jund the hobgoblin was bound to Ausk's very soul.

The last that was heard from Ausk was a rumor that he had taken residence with a group of hellknights deep in a mountainrange.