A cheaply produced and very efficient weapon developed by Kalevala during the android rebellion. The weapon platform has a number of configurations that are a small number of parts apart, thus retooling the weapon is fairly simple. The weapons platforms was developed for the AAF to serve in a number of different roles.

Kalevala and Development Edit

Kalevala was a slave at corporate salvage yard liberated by the AAF. She was initially opposed to joining the AAF, however eventually agreed to retooling and repairing AAF weapons at the salvage yard. During her work she began optimising existing weapon patterns and eventually her optimised patterns where a weapons platform on it's own. She named the platform, the Automatic Kalevala Repeaters.

Configurations Edit

A large number of after market and later configurations are in use throughout the pact worlds. However, the original configurations are listed below.

  • AKR - Light
  • AKR - Rifle
  • AKR - Defence
  • AKR - Longshot
  • AKR - Heavy
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