A drink invented on Absalom Station, favored by Vesk and considered essentially toxic by most other races.

Recipe Edit

5 parts rectified spirit

3 parts assorted meats, bloody and uncooked

1 epi-pen, preferably glass cartridge

Briefly blend room-temperature meat and alcohol, making sure to leave large, torn pieces of meat in the mixture. Crush the epi-pen above the mixture and drizzle the contents and finer glass-shards into the mixture. Heat briefly and serve when a slight vapor is visible.

A smooth bloodfrenzy is a drink offered in bars, but it is considered a much less worthy achievement. It is made by mixing all the ingredients and blending until the mixture is homogenous.

Effect Edit

After ingestion, Roll Fortitude DC 15. The effect kicks in d4 minutes after ingestion. On a failure, the player takes 2 Int Damage, and suffers -2 to Con and Wis until a long rest is taken. If the roll is successful however, the player receives +2 Strength and only a -2 Wis.

Smooth bloodfrenzies halve all bonuses, penalties and damage received, but kicks in after only 1 minute and only requires a DC 11.

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