Golarion's Urgent Assault and Response Division was founded in 47xx AR at a secret meeting in the Five King Mountains. Reltag, High Matriarch Agnes Targarét, Floyd Ferrick of Ferrick Holdings and Morrin Vellow envisioned a cross-national coalition to counteract the machinations of what they at the time only knew as "The Enemy".

Founding Edit

After the events surrounding the death of Morvius Crispin and the founding of Orgrimmar, Vellow invited what would become the founding members to a meeting. Here, he recounted all he knew of the adamantine meteors, the Madness Beans and the Old Cults, trying to impress upon them the importance of the task at hand. Vellow offered exotic resources and ancient knowledge, in the form of quantities of Azurite, captured Madness Beans and preserved (deceased) specimens of various eldritch species encountered on his travels. Vellow's most important contribution at this stage however, was the gifting of Crispin's notes, which Vellow had inherited upon the inventor's death. Vellow knew that his friend had been smart, even gifted in the art and science of engineering, but he could not have known how gifted. These notes are primarily what would lead to G.U.A.R.D's powerbase in the beginning of its function.

Targarét offered the budding organization space to expand, by using a series of caverns surrounding her personal estate inside Axspotar Peak, and tunnels diving deep beneath the newly founded Orgrimmar. She likewise contributed personnel, in the form of her most trusted soldiers, craftsmen and magicians; infrastructure, by placing the headquarters nearby manufacturing and transport facilities under her control and security, by allowing the organization to make a home inside lands under her protection. Her ward, Reltag the Hunter would be the first officer of G.U.A.R.D forces.

Ferrick was simply the money-man. His vast riches and shrewd business acumen served as the financial backbone of G.U.A.R.D operations. He negotiated sole rights to control sale and distribution of inventions and discoveries made at G.U.A.R.D. The other attendees agreed, under the condition that council majority would determine when/if a given asset would be ready or appropriate for commercial use.

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