History Edit

The "Gal-Flop" is a measure of time used, whenever time does a flop. Devised by Gil-Gallad Stargazer during a time anomaly on the space station Void 7 "The Last Piper" above Aucturn.

A Gal-Flop is as such when a day happens at the same time, at the same place, twice.

The theory goes that time can, somehow, fold in on itself, creating a layer on top of itself.

"It's like time has flopped onto itself. A floppage of time." - Gil-Gallad Stargazer

The following may indicate that a Gal-Flop has happened:

  • A large amount of deja-vu happening over the course of a day.
  • Visible "cracks" that may show themselves as small lightning streeks, or as "cracks in reality". These may vary.
  • Sudden head-aches and flashbacks. Voices and visions may also be indicators.
  • The appearance of Hounds of Tindalos.

Use Edit

The definition of a Gal-Flop can be used when traveling time. The unit of a Gal-Flop is estimated to be in the region of 24 hours, over the course of less than a second, though variances may occur.

"We have travelled 9500 Gal-Flops!" - Indicating a time traveller had travelled 9500 days in a second.

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