Lavaworld exists as a violation of the laws of Time. The future may only be reached by awaiting it becoming the present. Otherwise, “future” may only be observed as a possibility. Lavaworld, however is the future and it already exists.

Lavaworld is a possible future and a powerful Emanation. In the year 2047, the World ends. Earth is not alone in its demise, as all lights in the universe are snuffed out, but for 13 twinkling lights. The End was spectacular, a violent eruption of light, thunder and molten rock along the stretch of every single leyline on the planet. Like reverse aurora borealis, curtains of smoke and radiance reach towards the sky as the sun turns orange, then red, then violet. The sun’s corona becomes visible against a backdrop of an ever-darkening sky. Soon, the only survivors are three terrified astronauts and those with magical means of escape. While 99% of earths lifeforms are annihilated on a level below the subatomic, a few mages escape into pocket dimensions and other such refuges. Those who think to escape into the Realms Invisible quickly discover that nowhere is safe from the End. The Spirit Wilds melt and churn into itself while a merging symphony of wails heralds Gaia’s final moments. Luna and Helios meet each other’s gaze one last time, as their physical counterparts rip their sister apart with tidal forces and nuclear fire. Then they join the cacophony of screams. The Moon rips asunder before its argent chunks crash into the boiling basin that was, until recently, the Pacific Ocean. Contrails emit from the Sun, and indeed every Star (but for 13 lucky beads of silver). These rivers of Novaflame snake their way towards the pulsating Earth. Space shrinks like a raisin, bringing all things closer to Earth. The blood of stars merge with the outstretched fingers of fire and smoke that have broken the earths skin. Another global quake sends ripples through the planet. In one final beating of Gaia’s heart, the chunks of the planet begin to float apart, revealing… Something in the core. Then all energy and matter that remains is sucked into…. Nothing.

A small, cooling ball of blackened reality-magma remains in a very lonely universe.

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