"I was minding my own business"

-Morrin Vellow

Morrin Vellow is one of the original Starbound. He met the group in Ironly and has been one of the Enemy's most driven foes since, leading to his founding of G.U.A.R.D.


An orphan born in the Puddles district of Absalom, Morrin Vellow did not know much about his origins, besides the fact that he was left at the doorstep of Aunty May's Orphanage as an infant. You grow up quickly when you grow up poor, and Morrin was no exception. A local Thieves Guild bruiser going by Faegon would often recruit the orphans as pick pockets or thieves, and Morrin quickly became one of his most profitable, if rebellious, recruits.

As a Half-Elf (at the time) Morrin got a front row seat to how quick, brutal and humiliating life at the bottom. However, this did very little to hamper his spirit, preferring to take the greater risk of stealing from the Petal District or outsiders who come to the Puddles to "slum it", rather than steal from the downtrodden. His habit of sharing his earnings around before giving Fagon his cut, eventually drove the seasoned criminal to try and make an example of Morrin. The young delinquent narrowly escaped, not only with his life but with a small trinket from his past. A ring, woven together by a multitude of rare metals that had his name on it.

Escaping did not prove enough to escape Faegon's influence, however. Morrin was driven to live as dreg in the sunken and flooded sewers of Absalom. Morrin would most certainly have lived a short and worthless life down there, had fate not intervened. One day, Morrin came upon a bleaching Gnome; not long for this world. Through a series of accounts of his heists, some creatively acquired food, and a fair bit of interpretive dance, Morrin manage to reinvigorate his soon to be adoptive father, Grisvik "Abe" Aberjambuka, and they both made their way out into the wide world. For the next 20 years, Abe and Morrin traveled the world, having minor adventures. On the way, Abe introduced Morrin to the wonders of Wizardry. Illusions in particular found Morrin's fancy and much fun was had at the expense of highwaymen, cutthroats and bandits.

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