A magic helmet discovered in the garage of Crypt of the Necrodancer. The Helmet appears carved from a flexible and exceedingly resilient ceramic substance, and its eyes glow with a deep, hellish glow. Most disturbingly however, is when the helmet talks. it rarely happens when it is not worn, and it only speaks to certain people (although no pattern can be discerned). It usually attempts to drive its wearer and allies to greater and greater acts of violence and retaliation, against slights real or imagined.

Rules Edit

The Cranium substitutes the helmet of any armor, integrating itself into the armors systems and perfectly replicating the effects of the old helmet, including environmental systems and any armor mods.

When first donned, the helmet grants +5 piloting when piloting ground vehicles or when flying solo. If the wearer attempts to take Bluff or Diplomacy actions, failure indicates that the helmet takes over for a few comments and may cause trouble for the wearer and its allies. Once this has occurred, however, all intimidate actions receive +10 for the remainder of the encounter.

When worn for more than 24 (not necessarily consecutive) hours, the wearer becomes able to summon the helmet and the Feuernhoff Device at the cost of a resolve point.

Once an amount of time roughly matching a standard Pact Month elapses, the wearer becomes able to cast Detect Evil and Detect Lies at will, but upon discovering an Evil character or a lie, the wearer feels compelled to punish the transgressor. Failure to do so subjects the wearer to -2 to will saves until the punishment is enacted or the wearer has been separated from the helmet for 24 hours or longer. The wearers relationship with the helmet must then be built anew.

More powers may await if the helmet is worn longer. Gods help you.

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