"A favor from a Gentleman is not to be snuffed at..."

The organization known as The Gentlemen is a secretive order known on both Old Golarion and in the Pact Worlds. The organization is properly called "The Society of Courtesy", but as its members are all recognized by the formal title Gentleman, the Gentlemen is a far more common term

Overview Edit

On Old Golarion, lore on the Society is rare at best and often contradictory. Encounters with its members happen only on the most auspicious of occasions, although certain groups of fey that seem to mimic their features are sometimes encountered.

In the society of the Pact Worlds, however, their presence is very different. Here, membership of the Society is a coveted, if ephemeral, status symbol among an entire subculture of self-styled gentlemen. The most famous and powerful members of the Society are the subjects of a form of hero-worship.

Membership does not come with inherent powers, authority or pull. Such is not the way of a Gentleman. Instead, the Society expects a policy of good manners, grace, honor in all situations from all its members and guarantees to others that that is what they can expect from them. Frauds and anyone else who takes the name of Gentleman in vain are called out and shunned by true members and aspirants, while gross violators have been known to attract the personal attention of the Society Founders themselves. It is this dedication to, and enforcement of good form, that have given the Society's members their reputation as reasonable and trustworthy. Members furthermore enjoy a loose network of like-minded individuals, ready to offer aid in return for a later favor. A favor owed to or from a true Gentleman is not a thing to be taken lightly.

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