A mysterious ship encountered by a group of escaping convicts during the Fall of Typhon. It's design and composition is not akin to any known conventions.

Physical Characteristics Edit

The ship is approximately 200m (600ft) long, 100m (300ft) wide at the widest and 35m (100ft) tall.

Outer Hull Edit

Its hull is made of a mysterious alloy with trace amounts of mithral and adamantine, with no visible connections between hull plates, suggesting they were either fused through some unknown process or that the frame of the ship was made in one piece.

Propulsion Edit

The engine nacelles are fixed in magnetic friction-less bearings with a superconducting plasmic medium for power transfer. This means the forward thrusters may spin in their sockets, giving it 2 dimensional, 360 degree vector thrust capability, while the aft thrusters only move 90 degrees from center position in either direction.

Offensive Measures Edit

When first discovered by its current crew, it possessed one heavy and two light weapon mounts in the front arc and a single heavy weapon mount in both port and starboard arcs. Two turrets mounted on top were outfitted with linked light lasers and the heavy forward arc possessed a heavy laser canon.

Defensive Measures Edit

The ships outer hull is reinforced well beyond what would be required for a normal cargo vehicle, suggesting it was armored for combat.

Layout Edit

The ship has three full level and several sublevels and subcompartments.

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