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The Typhon is the flagship of the Hellknight order. This dreadnaught is one of the biggest and most powerful ships to patrol Pact Worlds space. Its commander, Admiral Moriarty Daxicon, leading the ship and its crew.

Part prison ship, part war vessel, the ship serves as a peacekeeping patrol, operation hub for cadres of specialists and base for hundreds of Hellknights and their auxillary crew. Its mere presence can send shivers down a criminals spine and a gleeful smile on any prison wardens lips.

Taking on prisoners and offering crime fighting services, The Typhon is equipped to handle nearly anything that can be thrown at it, be it rebelious uprisings on heavily populated worlds or prison revolts on a moon base. For a price.

Lately, The Typhon has begun a new type of correctional activity. P

risoners of particular skill may find themselves working for their freedom, be it on dangerous missions or as auxillary crew.

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