"NOT THE BEES" - Torch on his first time dying

History Edit

Torch is an individual of split fates. Being a tiefling, he constantly finds himself at odds with the prejudice of his fellow men and called by darker tendencies.

Torch was initially found by priests of Pharasma, having having been torched (hence the name) alive by a group of settlers, leaving him horribly scarred. The priests nursed Torch back to life, after which he began training as an inquisitor of Pharasma. Having found purpose in life, he saw that complete devotion to a group and concept lead him to a life with respect and meaning.

Being sent to oversee the judgement of The Beast of Lepidstadt, he found himself in company with other explorers. It was with them that he found company, despite the revelation of his true nature. Through these companions, who soon became friends, Torch found himself leading an inquisition investigating the murder of the local High Priest of Pharasma. He took over the temple and found himself as a piece of the governing structure of Lepidstadt.

After this establishment, Torch and his friends soon became witness to a growing threat to Lepidstadt and Golarion itself.

Slowly unearthing his past, Torch discovered the history of himself, his friends and the world.

Torch, King of Abaddon Edit

After having begun to uncover the history, and ancestory, of some of the party, Torch was found to be the son of Mistress Death, the lover of Death itself. Furthermore, being of this "royal" blood, he found that the forces of Abaddon answered to his call and hailed him king.

"ALL, HAIL, THE KING!" - The Abaddonian army on hailing Torch

Upon entering Abaddon, Torch has also greeted his elder brother, a true astradaemon and his mother. The later of who is also quite fond of tea.

Currently, after dying for the third time and losing his body, Torch reached Abaddon where he was sent back a lich, now commanding the armies spewing forth from the Worldwound.

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