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History Edit

Zanros was a ranger in Lastwall, where he served for many years, finally being discharged honorably.

With his silver sword broche, he travelled the land to Lepidstadt to investigate the rumors of the Beast and to witness the trial of afforementioned beast.

When with his friends, he quickly found himself as a well liked and respected member of Lepidstadt's ale/wine/cognac/whiskey/port/rum/moonshine connoisseurs "club" and soon found himself the owner of a large tavern inside Lepidstadt.

Zanros, king of Lepidstadt and ruler of Silkhome Edit

With his friends, Zanros discovered his past and his royal bloodline. In the chaos after the betrayal of Judge Deramid, Zanros saw his legit claim to the throne of Lepidstadt. With the general approval of the public, the sudden emergence of Drow loyal to him and his friends and companions holding prominent positions in society, this proved little difficult.

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